Assigning Tasks Using Microsoft Outlook 2007

If you manage others and are using Outlook to organize your work and emails, you will probably want to assign tasks to others. Outlook will send the task assignment as an email and the recipient has the option of accepting or rejecting the work. When you assign a task you will also define a status update distribution list. This people on the list will see update reports whenever anyone makes changes. This is useful for constantly keeping updated on how much of the work is completed at any given time.

In order to assign a task, first you will need to click the arrow beside new on the standard toolbar. Then choose task request to open a form that contains message address fields. Use these fields on the task tab to define work you will be giving to other people. Make sure you select keep an updated copy of this task on my task list. In doing so, Outlook will keep track of the work with a copy on your own list, it will update as the assigned person works.

Make sure you type the assignee's name or click to and select the person you want to assign the work to from your contacts list. Now click on the details button and add any other information needed. Then click on task to return to the task form, and finally click on send. Now you have sent the person or people the work and they will have the option of either accepting or rejecting it.

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