How To Backup And Restore Microsoft Outlook 2007 Data

Do you use Microsoft Outlook 2007 and want to know how to backup and restore all your outlook data and email account settings? This is very useful in case of data loss or migrating from one computer to other. Go through this article and learn how you can perform this task. However, you may also get in touch with a computer repair company for this purpose.

You might know that in Outlook 2007, all your e-mails are saved in a Personal Folder File with a.pst extension. There are simple steps with which you can save and restore your e-mail, contacts, rules, task and more. Let's take a look at how to backup your Microsoft Outlook 2007 data.

In Outlook 2007 data is saved in a Personal Folder File (.pst). You will find two.pst files. The first one comprises all of your Outlook folders, like the Inbox, Calendar, tasks and Contacts. And the second one is the Archive Folder where archive messages of your Outlook are stored. Now you have to locate the data files in outlook 2007.

In order to perform this task, you need to go to Main Menu of Outlook 2007 and click File and select Data File Management and Account setting window. You may also click on Tools menu and select Account settings from the drop down menu. Now you need to click on the Data Files tab. Here you will find the Data Files that store all your email messages, tasks, calendar, tasks and other items.

Now you have to click on the Open Folder icon. This will open Windows Explorer automatically and you will find all the stored files and folders. Now select the outlook.pst and archive.pst file to backup. Just copy this file to any backup storage device. Close the Outlook before you backup these files.

The process of restoring Outlook data is also very simple. Just copy the backup PST files into the folder where you are keeping the backed up data initially. Let's take a look at how to backup Outlook 2007 account settings. Go to start Start, then go to Run and type 'regedit.' Now find the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\Outlook in your 'Registry Editor'.

Here you have to right click on the key outlook and choose option: Export and save.reg files to your desired location. At the time of restoring your outlook, you can run the same file. By doing this, your old outlook profile be restored along with all your email accounts settings and rules. Remember, the Password is not stored into.reg file and due to this reason you need to enter your password.

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Introduction to Outlook 2007 - Getting a Gmail Account

If you want to use Outlook 2007 as an email program, and you're not connected to a corporate Microsoft Exchange server, you'll need to connect Outlook to a Web-based email account. Lots of big companies, like Yahoo!, Microsoft, and Google offer free web-based email accounts, as do hundreds of smaller companies. But not all free accounts are suitable for use with Outlook. The top choice for most people is to connect Outlook to a free Gmail account from Google. Once you have Gmail, it only takes a few minutes to configure the Gmail Outlook connection. This allows you to use Outlook to read messages sent to your Gmail account. It also allows you to send messages from Outlook that use your Gmail address.

Why use Gmail? Well, there are lots of other free email accounts out there, like Yahoo! Mail & Hotmail. But connecting them to Outlook for free is the rub. Some Web-based email accounts are set up so you can view them using your Web browser, but they don't allow you to connect to them with programs like Outlook. Other email accounts (Yahoo! Mail & Hotmail, for example) allow you to connect them to Outlook, but they charge you a fee for the privilege. With those services, the free versions of the email account need to be upgraded to a paying version to enable the connection. There's only a small number of Web-based email accounts that allow you to connect Outlook for free. Google's Gmail is the biggest and best-known of this elite group.

With Gmail, you get a massive amount of space (measured in Gb) of mail storage right on Google's servers. Gmail also provides powerful search capabilities when you search your mail through the web interface (basically doing a Google search on your own email). Google supports the Gmail service with advertising, but you only see the ads when you use your Gmail account with your web browser, not when you use Outlook 2007. Gmail is definitely the free email service of choice for connecting to Outlook.

The directions for making the Gmail Outlook connection are moderately difficult, but in my experience, most people can make the connection on their own or with a little help. The instructions are posted on the Gmail site if you want to try it yourself.

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The Benefits of Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is great when you are using a traditional email address from your ISP. However, it is not so great if you are using a web based email address and you are using Vista. It seems pretty confusing, and it is, because before Vista people had no problems at all linking their web based email addresses like hotmail, AOL, and Gmail to their Outlook Express. However, the new Outlook and Vista do not work that way so you will need to keep that in mind. Some people find that Outlook 2007 training is worthwhile in order to learn a little more about the process and what all has been changed. More than likely you will appreciate the time and effort you put into taking Vista training and Outlook training because it will prepare you to use these programs effectively. So many changes have been made that without training you will feel completely lost the first fewer days.

There are many benefits to programs like Microsoft Outlook, but you should look at the software and consider what is in your best interest to install. For example, if you install the Office 2008 suite you will need to take tutorials on the 2008 editions of all the programs, but Word 2007 training would not help you very much. As a result it is important to understand what programs you will install and the ones you will use the most.

Most people like Microsoft Outlook because it allows them to keep copies of their sent and received messages for a long period of time. Also, it is easy to use Outlook because you can simply begin typing in a contact's name and their email address appears in the box. It is so easy to use and convenient and that is why so many people like it.

Of course, there are other benefits to Outlook as well. You can search all of your information really easy and fast. You will also appreciate the calendar where you can manage your information and your daily activities and events. It is easy to manage your shared information as well. There are also features to prevent malicious sites and junk email.

These are just a few of the benefits of Outlook. If you have been using a web based email program you will certainly enjoy the benefits of Microsoft Outlook.

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Duplicate Email Message Problem in Microsoft Outlook 2007

When you update from a previous version, you are asked if you want to keep duplicates if you are using a pst file for your backup. When you install Outlook 2007 it automatically brings in your old Outlook or Outlook Express messages and addresses. If you import the "old" pst file you may get the duplicates.

What about new installs?

I have seen the same effect (in some cases) in new installs also. I am just as confused why it does not always do it. After much research I do not see a real solution. It appears you can BUY a plug in to solve it. These programs appear to cost around $30.00. I feel it just is not worth doing that. In spite of the fact you have to work a little more by deleting the duplicate e-mails.

Are there other solutions?

Yes and no! You could try other e-mail clients such as Hotmail, gmail or Thunderbird. They are ok but mostly do not have the same functions as outlook.

If you have entered more than one email setup with the same pop server and SMTP you will get double messages. You need to eliminate one of the setups.

Here is what I found on one Blog:
1. You must have at least one rule set for the "Rules and Alerts" selection to show up.
2. Select "Rules and Alerts" from the tool menu.
3. Check under "Rule Description" if there are some that are then delete one of them.
4. After you delete the rules recreate them again.

I did try this. It does work (at least in my case).

You need to ask yourself what will work for you. I personally like Outlook because it has e-mail and scheduling all in the same place. You can prioritize and set rules for your messages also.

What I do not like about Outlook?

I wish it would have a better way of backing it up. Although they do provide a way to do it, I feel it is too deep in the file structure and the average person will not even think of backing it up. If it were a little more automatic I think it would be better. I think a scheme similar to QuickBooks would be good. At least it asks you if you want to. If you don't back it up and your computer crashes you will lose all your contacts and messages.

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Assigning Tasks Using Microsoft Outlook 2007

If you manage others and are using Outlook to organize your work and emails, you will probably want to assign tasks to others. Outlook will send the task assignment as an email and the recipient has the option of accepting or rejecting the work. When you assign a task you will also define a status update distribution list. This people on the list will see update reports whenever anyone makes changes. This is useful for constantly keeping updated on how much of the work is completed at any given time.

In order to assign a task, first you will need to click the arrow beside new on the standard toolbar. Then choose task request to open a form that contains message address fields. Use these fields on the task tab to define work you will be giving to other people. Make sure you select keep an updated copy of this task on my task list. In doing so, Outlook will keep track of the work with a copy on your own list, it will update as the assigned person works.

Make sure you type the assignee's name or click to and select the person you want to assign the work to from your contacts list. Now click on the details button and add any other information needed. Then click on task to return to the task form, and finally click on send. Now you have sent the person or people the work and they will have the option of either accepting or rejecting it.

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Configure Outlook 2007 For Yahoo Mail

Outlook 2007 is a great tool for managing your email. It is even better when you get all your mail in Outlook. You can configure Outlook 2007 for Yahoo email in minutes and make an easy Yahoo Outlook connection.

There's only one snag when you try to get Yahoo and Outlook working together. The Yahoo Outlook connection only works if you have a premium Yahoo email account. That is, you must have a Yahoo Mail Plus account or a Yahoo Business Email account.

Unfortunately for us, Yahoo doesn't allow any mail reader besides their web-based one to connect to their free accounts. On the bright side, it is fast and simple to convert your existing Yahoo Mail account into a Mail Plus account. You won't have to change your email address or anything.

While a Mail Plus account is fine for most folks, you can also go with a Yahoo Business Mail account if you want. The process is almost the same. If you are comfortable making changes on your computer, you can set up either a Mail Plus or Business Mail account for yourself.

While the instructions aren't difficult to follow, they vary, depending on which version of Outlook you are using. And of course, the details can change over time. That means you'll want to go online to get a current set of instructions. What you want is a set of instructions that take you through every step of the process, from converting your free Yahoo Mail account into a Mail Plus account, to the exact steps you must take to make it work for Outlook 2007.

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Method to send SMS From Microsoft Outlook 2007

E-mail is considered to be the most widespread message sending method on the Internet. Despite of its popularity it has its disadvantages regarding its availability. E-mail messages can only be accessed through the internet therefore if there is no network connection important messages can not be received or even delivered. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway offers an application which adds SMS functionality to an e-mail service. In this overview you can learn about this application alongside with its benefits and fields of application.

Fields of applications

SMS messaging is a widely used communication mechanism both in business and everyday life. That is why SMS technology is welcomed in business sector also as it is one of the simplest and quickest communication method today. But there is still an urgent need to connect computers with mobile phones.

Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 includes a new feature among its services which can be a solution for this problem. It is called Outlook Mobile Service. With the help of this application it is possible to create and send SMS text messages to mobile devices from your computer. In this way e-mail messages, reminders and calendar entries can be forwarded to your mobile device when you are away from the office. Therefore you will be available in all the time and you will never miss important events or meetings. In this way Outlook Mobile Services can function as a complete personal information manager.

These excellent features can be achieved with the use of an SMS gateway software. This software will provide the necessary SMS functionality to your corporate IT system. Therefore you will be able to send and receive SMS messages from your computer to mobile phones. This SMS functionality makes you possible to be always available even if you are away from the office. Furthermore, with SMS technology you can keep in touch with your colleagues, customers, business partners.

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is a software which is able to meet the above mentioned properties to provide SMS extension to your corporate IT environment. Using an SMS gateway software also makes bi-directional communication possible. This means that a text message is sent from your computer (from Outlook) is received on a mobile phone. The user of the phone can reply to this text message and this reply will be sent to the sender's mobile phone. If you decide to implement this solution you will get a stable and well-functioning system to improve communication within and outside of your company.


By combining Ozeki NG SMS Gateway with Outlook Mobile Services you will gain a modern information manager system. You will be able to forward your important calendar entries, urgent reminders or even received e-mail messages as an SMS message. In this way you can save time and money as you always be up-to-date, prepared and well-informed. It is also possible to send one message to more than one mobile phones and to e-mail addresses at the very same time. So you do not need to send a message twice or more if there are numbers of recipients. Moreover you do not need to choose from the sending methods as you can send your message both as SMS and e-mail message. With this solution you will always be available. You also can improve your corporate communication as SMS messages are simple but still very effective and quick methods of communication.


An efficient company leader is always well-informed and has the potential to immediately solve problems. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway system is essential to provide you such principles; with its application you can greatly increase your availability and can cut off long response time which eventually saves resource for the benefit for your company. Based on its next generation technology this software can live up to the highest performance demands and can work continuously under great pressure as well.

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