Configure Outlook 2007 For Yahoo Mail

Outlook 2007 is a great tool for managing your email. It is even better when you get all your mail in Outlook. You can configure Outlook 2007 for Yahoo email in minutes and make an easy Yahoo Outlook connection.

There's only one snag when you try to get Yahoo and Outlook working together. The Yahoo Outlook connection only works if you have a premium Yahoo email account. That is, you must have a Yahoo Mail Plus account or a Yahoo Business Email account.

Unfortunately for us, Yahoo doesn't allow any mail reader besides their web-based one to connect to their free accounts. On the bright side, it is fast and simple to convert your existing Yahoo Mail account into a Mail Plus account. You won't have to change your email address or anything.

While a Mail Plus account is fine for most folks, you can also go with a Yahoo Business Mail account if you want. The process is almost the same. If you are comfortable making changes on your computer, you can set up either a Mail Plus or Business Mail account for yourself.

While the instructions aren't difficult to follow, they vary, depending on which version of Outlook you are using. And of course, the details can change over time. That means you'll want to go online to get a current set of instructions. What you want is a set of instructions that take you through every step of the process, from converting your free Yahoo Mail account into a Mail Plus account, to the exact steps you must take to make it work for Outlook 2007.

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