Microsoft Outlook Twitter Add-on

This is not to say these days few popular Web services with other popular applications
Or services, to provide a more comfortable work and services. Twitter is a candidate for prime minister, integration, because it is very popular these days. TwInbox attached to the Microsoft Outlook integration in Twitter allows users to e-mail client the opportunity to work with the Twitter client directly in the mail.

TwInBox, which is formerly known as OutTwit, with Microsoft Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 running on Windows XP or Windows Vista
The possibility that it will also be in Windows 7. Installation is easy. All of this needs to be done is to run the installation (in the Outlook shut down). The plug-TwInbox will be automatically displayed in Microsoft Outlook on the toolbar of the next game e-mail client.

The first thing a new user needs to do is to enter the option, and enter the Twitter user name and password to link these to the Outlook account. A new Outlook message folder Twitter must be built on the same interface and. There are other options like the Twitter notification whenever a new message arrives.

Outlook plug-in allows users to perform common tasks like Twitter status updates to Twitter, to receive new messages or reply to e-mail. Also have a wide choice of great interest to a number of Twitter users, including the ability to deal with Twitter messages, including e-mail archiving options, management, organization and search them. Also have the means to track keywords, uploading and posting pictures and documents, have been sent to the Outlook, automatically sort the mail sent to a designated folder, or custom folders and categories to new messages. There is also a chart showing that the available statistical information on the use of Twitter.


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