Resolve ‘Unknown Error 0x8004060C’ in MS Outlook

MS Outlook 2002 and its earlier version have limited PST file size and that is of 2GB only. It is because the earlier version of PST file uses ANSI format which is not flexible at all in terms of the file size which is restricted to 2GB only. Due to this fact when the PST file reaches closure to the 2GB mark or goes beyond it, the PST file become more prone to corruption. As other hindrances the MS Outlook stops accepting emails and other details will before the file could reach at its extreme i.e. 2GB mark. In addition to that the performance of the MS Outlook degrades considerably while accessing, managing and closing the MS Outlook itself. User need to forceful exit of the application. So, in order to resolve this issue, the PST file needs compaction, archive and extreme cases splitting, which can be performed by using Split PST software.

Lets consider the following scenario to understand the situation – Suppose user is using MS Outlook 2002 which is installed in Window based system and while sending and receiving mails below mentioned error message has flashed -
"Task 'Microsoft Exchange Server - Receiving' reported error (0x8004060C): ‘Unknown Error 0x8004060C'"

In addition when user tries to add any object to the PST file say Contacts, Tasks, Appointments etc. following error message is displayed -
"The file has reached its maximum size. To reduce the amount of data in this file, select some items that you no longer need, then permanently (shift + del ) delete them."

These error messages are flashed in Windows XP SP1 and its later versions as the earlier versions stop accepting mails without displaying error messages.

This error messages clearly indicates that PST file size has crossed its 2GB limitation which need to be rectified. In order to resolve this issue and reduce the PST file size following things need to be done -

    Delete unwanted and useless mails and other data's stored in the PST file.
    Empty the Deleted Items Folder.
    Compact the PST file to reduce the size.
    Create new PST file and archive the items into it.
    After performing all these steps if the problem persists, then use Split PST software to split the PST file into number of small PST's.

This software is able to perform this task because of its sophisticated and advanced techniques and simple interactive user interface.



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