Klingon language support for Office 2007 added

Sorry, at the height of Star Trek fans and other lovers of this news, but, of course, is April Fool's Day joke. Nevertheless, only a small number of photo-editing work to achieve these results. Most of what can be achieved by changing the font installed in Windows and Outlook. You can choose the font, as well as Klingon ;-) If you like

Office 2007 in the location of 37 categories of language, and provide tools for Proofing or even other languages. A new language is added to the collection; Klingon.

For those not familiar with the language, Klingon is the language of fiction, the Star Trek, Worf, and a series of films is perhaps the most famous Klingon. Klingon Language Institute (KLI) is an independent organization to support the study of language, and more than 15 years. In the Klingon language itself is celebrating its 25 anniversary this year, because it is the actual syntax of the film Star Trek III: The search for Spock.

Support will also be the meaning of a language, not just the evidence in support of reading will increase and the interface can be configured to appear in Klingon. However, there are certain limitations, particularly because they depend on the language interface in Windows itself and its configuration area. For example, you can see the word in time (using the English version of Windows XP and the Netherlands, my local machine). In addition, the issues and on behalf of the klingon can not write because they are not included in the Unicode character set and encoding, in order to prevent potential problems, the mail server. In addition, it is interesting to note that the name of the product (in Microsoft Outlook / Exchange) is not transferred.

In the Klingon language pack will be with the Office 2007 SP2 update package in other languages have been provided. Expected, as well as other languages.

Microsoft Outlook Twitter Add-on

This is not to say these days few popular Web services with other popular applications
Or services, to provide a more comfortable work and services. Twitter is a candidate for prime minister, integration, because it is very popular these days. TwInbox attached to the Microsoft Outlook integration in Twitter allows users to e-mail client the opportunity to work with the Twitter client directly in the mail.

TwInBox, which is formerly known as OutTwit, with Microsoft Outlook 2003 and Outlook 2007 running on Windows XP or Windows Vista
The possibility that it will also be in Windows 7. Installation is easy. All of this needs to be done is to run the installation (in the Outlook shut down). The plug-TwInbox will be automatically displayed in Microsoft Outlook on the toolbar of the next game e-mail client.

The first thing a new user needs to do is to enter the option, and enter the Twitter user name and password to link these to the Outlook account. A new Outlook message folder Twitter must be built on the same interface and. There are other options like the Twitter notification whenever a new message arrives.

Outlook plug-in allows users to perform common tasks like Twitter status updates to Twitter, to receive new messages or reply to e-mail. Also have a wide choice of great interest to a number of Twitter users, including the ability to deal with Twitter messages, including e-mail archiving options, management, organization and search them. Also have the means to track keywords, uploading and posting pictures and documents, have been sent to the Outlook, automatically sort the mail sent to a designated folder, or custom folders and categories to new messages. There is also a chart showing that the available statistical information on the use of Twitter.

How to fix Outlook 2003 startup crash

Sometimes it seems that outlook more than the actual operation of the collapse. Do not tell anyone that Microsoft's e-mail program is to enable e-mail - instead of the abdomen all the other time you open it?

How to solve this problem: We can not provide a patch for every prospect of the collapse, but we can solve what is most likely the main cause of the problem - add-ons. Outlook add-ins in some of the procedures will be the collapse of its own, and others will be the collapse of the Outlook installation, they are with other add-ons. Therefore, the best choice for you to stop the collapse of the first calculation of its Outlook add-ins or add-ons may cause crashes, and then delete them.

A good way to add-ons to find out if the culprit of the accident was the first time to run Outlook in safe mode and see if it crashes. Safe mode to disable all add-ons, so if you are running in safe mode, it is still the collapse did not result in add-ons to your question. On the other hand, if you are running in safe mode, it crashed, and then add the causes and you may then move freely through the following measures, I find the outline of the culprit.

Run Outlook in safe mode into the command prompt, navigate to the directory that contains the Outlook.exe (most likely รง: \ Program Files files \ Microsoft Office \ Office12 \), then enter this command: the Outlook.exe / safe

Outlook is not running any plug-ins. If it does not collapse, and then add your question.

The following is how to accurately find the procedure. First of all, found that the plug-ins installed. Select Tools "-> Trust Center, and then click Add-ons button. You will see a screen like the photo below.

You'll see plug-ins organized into three categories: those who are currently active and those who install, but is not currently active, and those installed, but the prospects have been disabled, because they lead to system crashes. (Yes, Outlook will attempt to repair themselves when possible - it just is not always successful.) Take a look at each add-ons, highlight it, you'll see a description at the bottom of the screen.

Use the Trust Center to see a list of add-ons.

Now is the time to find out what add-ins or add-ons lead to the collapse. There is no logical way to do this, you must use a process of elimination. At the bottom of the screen to ensure that the COM add-drop-down is selected, and then click Go. You will see a screen like the photo below.

These add-ons is a positive check mark next to them; those who do not have a check mark is invalid. Uncheck the add-ons, what do you think will cause a problem, click OK, and then close and restart Outlook. Outlook is now running, but the purchase will be null and void. If Outlook is working correctly, you have found the reasons for your problem.

Potential instability disable add-ons, and then restart Outlook in order to reduce accidents.

You can run the Outlook add-ins is invalid or is not it from your system. Some add-ons can be deleted using the normal Windows uninstall routine. Others, however, will not be visible. To eliminate these and return to the screen for you to disable add-ons. Highlight the load you want to delete and click Remove.

To be careful, and then do this, because you will not get a dialog box asking if you really want to delete it, because you when you use the Windows uninstall. Click it, and immediately disappeared.

If this is an add-ons, you would like to continue to use, please contact the publisher to see if there is a feasible option or resolved, to delete it.

Changing Feed Locations with Outlook 2007's RSS Feature

Microsoft to support RSS source in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. Your RSS items can now be directly integrated into your mail folder, they will be available through the Outlook Web Access (OWA), as long as they are stored in your Exchange Server mailbox. Many articles on this subject, but I would like to share with you some of my experience, using Outlook 2007 SP1 in my RSS reader, in particular, focus on the management of the RSS folder.

When you create a new RSS subscription, Outlook will create a subfolder of the feed location of the default service for your new e-mail the name of the folder name is the same feed. Therefore, if your mail is usually delivered to your mailbox in Exchange server, the default location for the new folder in your mailbox in accordance with RSS feeds. If your default mail delivery location is seconds, the new folder you created.

If you do not want to use the default delivery location for your RSS feeds, you can change the location through the registry to enable the RSS for all new information was stored in 1 seconds as the RSS source. To change the default location of the RSS service, you can create a DWORD value of 1, the so-called Disable Roaming under HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Office \ 12.0 \ Outlook in \ options \ the RSS. If the RSS subkey does not exist, create it you can right-click and select the option to the new key. pst file to create and add it to your Outlook profile of the Outlook detect registry changes as soon as possible so that all the new RSS-feed Subscribe seconds added to the navigation. Benefits, store your RSS feeds in a separate PST is that you will use less space, your Exchange mailbox, you can manage to separate the source of the RSS-mail items, such as your e-mail and calendar.

If you choose to use the RSS feeds of the PST, you should know, Outlook does not display To Do items marked PST column automatically, but you can configure it to do so. In the General tab of your PST's properties, please choose to display alerts and tasks from this folder in the To Do Bar check box. Here's another secret: You can retain the Windows Desktop Search, so, Outlook search, because they use the same navigation seconds from the search index by clicking the down arrow next to all mail items in Outlook in the mail pane and settlement RSS feed check box.