Changing Feed Locations with Outlook 2007's RSS Feature

Microsoft to support RSS source in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. Your RSS items can now be directly integrated into your mail folder, they will be available through the Outlook Web Access (OWA), as long as they are stored in your Exchange Server mailbox. Many articles on this subject, but I would like to share with you some of my experience, using Outlook 2007 SP1 in my RSS reader, in particular, focus on the management of the RSS folder.

When you create a new RSS subscription, Outlook will create a subfolder of the feed location of the default service for your new e-mail the name of the folder name is the same feed. Therefore, if your mail is usually delivered to your mailbox in Exchange server, the default location for the new folder in your mailbox in accordance with RSS feeds. If your default mail delivery location is seconds, the new folder you created.

If you do not want to use the default delivery location for your RSS feeds, you can change the location through the registry to enable the RSS for all new information was stored in 1 seconds as the RSS source. To change the default location of the RSS service, you can create a DWORD value of 1, the so-called Disable Roaming under HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Office \ 12.0 \ Outlook in \ options \ the RSS. If the RSS subkey does not exist, create it you can right-click and select the option to the new key. pst file to create and add it to your Outlook profile of the Outlook detect registry changes as soon as possible so that all the new RSS-feed Subscribe seconds added to the navigation. Benefits, store your RSS feeds in a separate PST is that you will use less space, your Exchange mailbox, you can manage to separate the source of the RSS-mail items, such as your e-mail and calendar.

If you choose to use the RSS feeds of the PST, you should know, Outlook does not display To Do items marked PST column automatically, but you can configure it to do so. In the General tab of your PST's properties, please choose to display alerts and tasks from this folder in the To Do Bar check box. Here's another secret: You can retain the Windows Desktop Search, so, Outlook search, because they use the same navigation seconds from the search index by clicking the down arrow next to all mail items in Outlook in the mail pane and settlement RSS feed check box.