Klingon language support for Office 2007 added

Sorry, at the height of Star Trek fans and other lovers of this news, but, of course, is April Fool's Day joke. Nevertheless, only a small number of photo-editing work to achieve these results. Most of what can be achieved by changing the font installed in Windows and Outlook. You can choose the font, as well as Klingon ;-) If you like

Office 2007 in the location of 37 categories of language, and provide tools for Proofing or even other languages. A new language is added to the collection; Klingon.

For those not familiar with the language, Klingon is the language of fiction, the Star Trek, Worf, and a series of films is perhaps the most famous Klingon. Klingon Language Institute (KLI) is an independent organization to support the study of language, and more than 15 years. In the Klingon language itself is celebrating its 25 anniversary this year, because it is the actual syntax of the film Star Trek III: The search for Spock.

Support will also be the meaning of a language, not just the evidence in support of reading will increase and the interface can be configured to appear in Klingon. However, there are certain limitations, particularly because they depend on the language interface in Windows itself and its configuration area. For example, you can see the word in time (using the English version of Windows XP and the Netherlands, my local machine). In addition, the issues and on behalf of the klingon can not write because they are not included in the Unicode character set and encoding, in order to prevent potential problems, the mail server. In addition, it is interesting to note that the name of the product (in Microsoft Outlook / Exchange) is not transferred.

In the Klingon language pack will be with the Office 2007 SP2 update package in other languages have been provided. Expected, as well as other languages.