Duplicate Email Message Problem in Microsoft Outlook 2007

When you update from a previous version, you are asked if you want to keep duplicates if you are using a pst file for your backup. When you install Outlook 2007 it automatically brings in your old Outlook or Outlook Express messages and addresses. If you import the "old" pst file you may get the duplicates.

What about new installs?

I have seen the same effect (in some cases) in new installs also. I am just as confused why it does not always do it. After much research I do not see a real solution. It appears you can BUY a plug in to solve it. These programs appear to cost around $30.00. I feel it just is not worth doing that. In spite of the fact you have to work a little more by deleting the duplicate e-mails.

Are there other solutions?

Yes and no! You could try other e-mail clients such as Hotmail, gmail or Thunderbird. They are ok but mostly do not have the same functions as outlook.

If you have entered more than one email setup with the same pop server and SMTP you will get double messages. You need to eliminate one of the setups.

Here is what I found on one Blog:
1. You must have at least one rule set for the "Rules and Alerts" selection to show up.
2. Select "Rules and Alerts" from the tool menu.
3. Check under "Rule Description" if there are some that are then delete one of them.
4. After you delete the rules recreate them again.

I did try this. It does work (at least in my case).

You need to ask yourself what will work for you. I personally like Outlook because it has e-mail and scheduling all in the same place. You can prioritize and set rules for your messages also.

What I do not like about Outlook?

I wish it would have a better way of backing it up. Although they do provide a way to do it, I feel it is too deep in the file structure and the average person will not even think of backing it up. If it were a little more automatic I think it would be better. I think a scheme similar to QuickBooks would be good. At least it asks you if you want to. If you don't back it up and your computer crashes you will lose all your contacts and messages.

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