Error:- Double spaced for the recipient.

There is also very famous question ask in outlook Forums is "How to stop double spaced for the recipient".
This issue maily cause by HTML coding. GMail is most frequent for using a web-based email client. In some cases, the message is

correctly spaced when received and only double Spaced when replied to.

The Causes of this is issues.

When you press Enter while creating HTML email, Outlook inserts a paragraph tag (

), so two Enters inserts two


which is double spaced when rendered in a browser. If you use Shift+Enter, which creates the link Break tag (
),the message

will not look double spaced in a browser. This will look ok in mail client.

The solution of this issue.

You have 5 options:

1. Use plain text for messages. Plain text will look ok in any and every email client available.
2. Press Enter once, not twice, when composing HTML formatted email.
3. Press Shift+Enter twice at the end of a paragraph, rather than pressing Enter twice.
4. Just ignore it as an inconstancy in the way various applications handle HTML.
5. Edit the email template to add '12 points after' in the Normal style.

There is some editing also in Template

In Outlook 2007 : First off all you close the microsoft outlook. Then try search or locate the NormalEmail.dotm and open it for

editing. In Vista the template folder location is C:\users\Usersname\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Tempaltes. To easily access this

foder in Windows XP or Vista , Paste %appdata%\Microsoft\Template in run command.

in the Start search dialog (Vista) or the address bar of Windows Explorer.

1. Right click on NormalEmail.dotm and choose Open. This will open the template in Word as a template.
2. Right click on the Normal style button in the ribbon and chose Modify.
3. Click Format in the lower left and choose Paragraph.
4. In the Spacing section, change the After value to 12 points.
5. Save and close the template.

After that when you write a new message you'll press enter once and have white space when recipients read the message in any

client or web browser. Replies will use the style sheet of the original message.