What is Outlook 2007 Mobile Service?

Outlook 2007 Mobile Service is a feature of Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 that enables you to send and receive text messages between Office Outlook 2007 and any mobile phone. By setting Outlook 2007 Mobile Service to send SMS reminders for tasks and contacts, and even SMS messages containing your daily calendar right to your mobile phone, you don’t need to worry about missing an important meeting again.

Outlook 2007 Mobile Service gives you the flexibility and freedom to receive vital, time-sensitive information whether you’re out of the office, or in a meeting with a customer. The enhanced connectivity that Outlook 2007 Mobile Service provides will result in higher customer satisfaction, better team communication, and fewer hassles. It provides the communication tools you need to remain up-to-date in today’s rapidly changing workplace.

Outlook 2007 Mobile Service is easy to use, and requires no additional software or hardware other than your regular mobile phone. Outlook 2007 Mobile Service requires that you register with an Outlook 2007 Mobile service provider. Sign up today with available service provider for your region.