Contact in a public folder


This feature requires you to use a Microsoft Exchange Server 2000, Exchange Server 2003, or Exchange Server 2007 account. Most home and personal accounts do not use Microsoft Exchange.

1. Open the public folder in which you want to create a contact

1. If the Folder List is not visible, click the Go menu, and then click Folder List.

2. Click Public Folders, and then click the folder that you want to open.

2. On the File menu, point to New, and then click Contact
3. Type a name for the new contact
4. Enter the information that you want to include for the contact.
  • To specify how you want the contact's name to appear in the To line of a message, type a name in the Display As box.
  • To enter multiple entries for a field, such as more than one type of phone number or address, click the down arrow next to the field.
  • If you have more than one mailing address for a contact, select the This is the mailing address check box to establish which address is to be used during a mail merge.

5. Click Save and Close.

You can create a new contact only in a Contacts folder. For example, you cannot create a new contact in a mail folder.