Merge Two Outlook 2007 Calendars

From receiving emails to alerting you of upcoming appointments, Outlook 2007 is more than just an email and calendar application. The program also lets you create "Task" lists of things you need to complete as well as access multiple email accounts so you can keep up with personal and business emails. You can even merge two Outlook 2007 calendars. This is ideal if you don't want to use two calendars or if you need to post personal items on a calendar that is geared for business appointments.


Open Outlook 2007.

Click "File," "Import and Export." The "Import and Export Wizard" will open.

Click on "Export to a file." Click "Next." Select "Comma Separated Values (DOS)" from the "Export to a File" box. Click "Next."

Select the second calendar you want to merge with the main calendar from the list under the heading "Select folder to export from." Click "Next."

Write down the calendar's file name and location path on a piece of paper--you will need this information later. Click "Next."

Click "Finish."

Select a date range for your exported calendar. Click "OK."

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