Add a Signature to Outlook 2007

Open Microsoft outlook, it will either be a shortcut on your desktop or from the start menu. Double click the icon on the desktop or single click the All Programs, menu option.

Options in outlook

If outlook, shows outlook today for you as your start page, then go to your In-box. Once in your In-box we will want to now look at the menu items along the top select the Tools Menu then select options. See picture attached

Options Dialog Box

Once you have selected options a new dialog box will appear.

Mail Format Screen

Once you are in the outlook options dialog box, you will need to make another selection here select the option for Mail Format. Once you have selected mail format, you will then want to click on Signature s on the lower right hand side. See picture attached

Once you have selected signatures a new dialog box will open up, this dialog box is the signature box. Picture attached

Once in this window click on "new" it will ask you for a name for your signature in outlook 2007, for this purpose I will name this ehow. Once you have entered your name, you will see it in the upper left hand side.
Once your name is in, you can use the large box below to enter your information.

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