Problems With Outlook 2007


Microsoft introduced a new look to Outlook with Microsoft Outlook 2007. When using Outlook 2007, you may experience a few issues, depending on the tasks you need to do. Microsoft has released fixes for many of the most common issues. Many of the problems with Outlook 2007 have been fixed through service packs and hot fixes, especially for Outlook 2007 and the Office 2007 suite.

Slow Loading

When you start Outlook 2007 the first time, Outlook tries to import settings from previous versions of the program. If no account settings exist, you will need to create a new profile. Once the profile is created, Outlook may still be slow when it first starts, especially when checking for and receiving messages. This issue has been resolved through Microsoft updates.

Problems with the Calendar

Multiple problems exist with the Outlook 2007 calendar feature. One issue is recurring dates not printing correctly. Another problem is users copied on messages gaining access to a restricted calendar. Publishing a calendar sometimes reduces functionality, such as copying and pasting items to dates. One final common issue is adding an Internet calendar subscription. Most of these issues are resolved with Microsoft updates and restarting Outlook 2007.

To Do Bar Problems

Related messages may not always appear when searching using the Find All option. Another problem with the To Do bar is All Day Events not appearing. These are two of the most common issues with the To Do bar, but other search issues may occur depending on your settings. Some issues have been addressed with Microsoft updates.

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