Contact does not appear in address book


When you use your address book to select recipients for an e-mail message or a fax message in Microsoft Outlook, information from your Contacts folder does not appear in the list.

CAUSE: This behavior occurs because Outlook requires that you complete the following steps before your contact information is available for you to address messages by using your address book:

Install the Outlook Address Book service.

Mark your contact folder for use with your address book.

Specify either an e-mail address or a fax number for each item that you want to appear when you address messages.


Step 1: Install the Outlook Address Book service

To do this, follow these steps, as appropriate for the version of Outlook that you are running.

Microsoft Office Outlook 2007


On the Tools menu, click Accout Settings .


Click the Adress Books tab.


If your Outlook Address Book is listed, click Close, and then go to "Step 2: Mark your contact folder for use with your address book."

If your Outlook Address Book is not listed, click New.


Select Additional Address Books, and then click Next.


Select Outlook Address Book, and then click Next.


You receive a message that states that the address book that you added will not start until you click Exit on the File menu. Click OK.


Click Finish.


Click Close, and then restart Outlook.


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